our environment

M&M Printworks has a responsibility to ensure our behaviour and commitment to the environment is an integral part of our daily business operations.

M&M Printworks Pty Ltd is a printing company established in 1995 and located in the green corridor of Victoria. We are proud of our commitment to protecting our environment and building a sustainable future. We have a variety of systems in place in order to achieve a balance between commercial viability and environmentally sound business practise.

Our scope includes:

•   reducing and recycling waste storage
•   controlled standards and handling of chemicals; and
•   educating our staff and customers.

We endeavour to protect a greener future for the community by becoming a front runner in our industry through developing sustainable business practices.

M&M Printworks commits to the implementation of the following policy by:

•   Conducting operations in compliance with Government legislation, regulations and licences.
•   Reducing energy consumption by limiting waste and encouraging recycling.
•   Endeavouring to minimise pollution and continually improving on environmental performance.
•   Educating our employees and our local community on green practices.
•   Reviewing our environment and energy policy to ensure we meet our targets.
•   Ensuring our contractors and suppliers are aware of our environmental policy.

The management of M&M Printworks supports this policy by regularly reviewing our targets and practices.