Our environment


Located in the green corridor of Victoria, our goal is to balance commercial viability and eco-friendly business practises though the development and implementation of our environmental policy.

Our operating standards have been recognised with an Australian Sustainable Green Print Level 2 Accreditation based on the ISO 14001 – the international system that governs effective environmental management procedures.

The framework ensures M&M Printworks conduct operations in compliance with Government legislation and regulations. This is achieved by monitoring and reducing energy consumption, limiting waste and pollution and educating employees, contractors, suppliers and the community on current green practices and our responsibilities.


How are we reducing our environmental impact?

– Water, waste management and recycling programs: paper, metal and toner consumables
– Energy efficient lighting and systems
– Use of recycled, sustainably-sourced, chlorine-free, or carbon neutral papers
– Use of vegetable-based inks
– Use of computer-to-plate technology (eliminates toxic chemicals in the printing process)
– Regular review of our targets, environment and energy policies.